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March 4, 2013

League of Legends Mac Client: Totally for Real This Time

Riot Games

League of Legends Riot Games

For Real For Real.

Mac users have waited over 2 years for the chance to play the popular MOBA League of Legends on the native client. Until now, the only option Mac users had to play LoL was iLoL by iLoL was notoriously known for crashing and offered no support from Riot. I think it’s fair. All willing Apple users should be punished for their lack of good judgement.

I wouldn’t get too excited, though, because the client was just released in Beta Mode. So be prepared for a bit of crashing, frustration, and curse words because I just can’t think positively when I have to talk about Apple.

Now, they’ve served their time and all the League of Legends players are super excited for a wave of pretentious “I don’t know a good way to spend my money” nubes to join the Summoning Grounds. Just joking, Apple lovers. Heads up though, your client doesn’t come with special software to play the game for you so dust off your thinking caps because you’re actually gunna have to learn something.

Good News Isn’t Good News Unless it Has a YouTube Video

Along with the announcement, Riot also released this interesting video that features Corporate Dr. Mundo. Kind of. You mostly just see his forearm the entire video while he messes with things that madmen should probably stay away from. To anyone that’s never played League of Legends, this video probably makes no sense. It’s a good thing that all potential Mac players studied the game to pass the time, am I right?

To further excite the LoL community, iBlitzcrank was also released and is available for purchase in the shop.

As for the League of Legends players who didn’t have a crap complicated OS, are you excited for the new players coming into the game?


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