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March 5, 2013

[PodCast] theMulticast: You’re wrong, Cliffy B


On the show is @mattshotcha, @gamefreakblog, and @snapscomesalive. Today we discuss the biggest shooter of the year. Until the other shooter with good graphics comes out next month.  After dragging Matt out of his bad mood we get to hear Tony take us in to the past with some retro gaming. We finish up our the first segment with Crysis 3. Is it as good as the second, or the first even? With CryEngine set to the max, Crysis 3 tries its best to win over theMulticast crew.

Our topic of the week is about none other than ‘Dude Huge’ himself. Cliffy B uploaded a blog recently giving his opinion on micro transactions. We here on theMulticast took great offense and took both Cliffy B and micro transactions to task. Emotions run high when Matt, Tony, and Snaps go balls to wall!

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