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March 6, 2013

Rock Candy Xbox 360 Gaming Controller Alternative

Cost Effective and Versitile

ReviewLast year, I wrote about the Razer Onza and how awesome it was because of the adjustable sensitivity on the analog sticks and the two programmable bumpers above the normal bumpers. Sadly, my Onza is reaching the end of it’s usable life and my left trigger sometimes gets a little buggy. That’s usually my aiming control, so it’s a big deal that it’s no longer is reliable.

To add to my bad luck, Best Buy didn’t have another one in stock and had no idea what I was talking about (figures). This left me with a choice. I could buy either a regular Xbox controller, a $70 Fusion Controller, or a $25 Rock Candy controller that came in a variety of obnoxious colors. Needless to say, I chose the Rock Candy controller in a vibrant shade of pink.

At first glance, the Rock Candy controller has about the same design as a standard Xbox controller. The size, sticks, buttons, D-pad, bumpers, and triggers are all where you would expect them to be. The only things that are different are the start and back buttons which are located a little more towards the top and rotated slightly. It could prove to be a problem in games that require frequent use of these buttons because they are harder to get to, but I think after some getting used to, you won’t notice the difference.

The Rock Candy Xbox controller also offers a sturdy, yet visibly appealing alternative to the original Xbox controller. The design might look a little childish at first, but after taking a closer look, being able to see the innards of the controller is actually kind of cool.  The see through plastic continues all the way around the controller so even the back is see through.

This controller has a decent amount of weight to it. It looks like a cheap piece of plastic, but it’s seemingly durable and I feel like it could take some in game raging if it needed to. The other plus is that I am also able to use it with my PC – another big deal in my book.

Everything else about the Rock Candy controller is everything standard in an Xbox gaming controller. I find my hands to be more cramped and my fingers might slip off of the analog sticks during a long gaming session, but it’s at about the same level as a regular controller. It’s a good cost alternative solution for those that like pretty colors and being different.

Nothing has compared to my Razer Onza, but I guess for now, I’ll deal with what I’ve got. Do you have a favorite controller?

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