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March 31, 2013

FireFall-MMO & Shooter Come Together-Open Beta Available

Open Beta

Firefall by Red 5 Studios is currently in their Open Beta stage. You can purchase a Beta Key (along with some cool in game shit) here. You can also sign up for the Open Beta and hope for an invite by going here.

Open BetaI was lucky enough to snag a Beta Key at Pax East 2013 for FireFall. Their obnoxiously loud display was pleasantly set off by some cool gameplay footage that got me interested in playing the game.

Firefall is a SciFi MMO shooter that requires teamwork and ingenuity to defeat the apocalyptic threat of the Chosen invasion. The game is set in a beautiful, open world with many preset class options and the ability to customize your look. I say customize very loosely – as of right now, there are very limited options but I am confident that Red 5 will release more as the game becomes more popular.

As well as purchasing your way into the Beta, the game has small cosmetic purchases also available. I have yet to enter my credit card, but the pink camo armor is getting kind of tempting.

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