CHEW-Cho’Gath Eats the World-LoL Open Beta

UPDATE:Cho’gath has eaten the world and the Beta is closed.

League of Legends has gone beyond the multiplayer arena and created CHEW-Cho’Gath Eats the World which is currently in it’s Open Beta stage. Head on over to the Official CHEW webpage and check it out.

Cho'Gath Eats the World

CHEW is a cute almost-scrolling game featuring the infamous Cho’Gath as he goes on a mission to…eat the world? Defeat some of your favorite Champions in a single player fully destructible environment. To top it off, there’s a story line-if you’re the kind of player who has read all the Lore (I may or may not have)- and what I’ve read is reminiscent of an old school arcade game. The game also comes complete with a unique music score so turn your speakers up (or don’t, I smash face to the sounds of Lil Wayne).

I haven’t CHEW-ed my way past the second level, so I can’t give you much insight, but I did find out that you can climb on top of the buildings and jump on them to make them crash to the ground. The graphics aren’t anything compared to a classic LoL game, but it’s a nice break from raging pre-teens and that dreaded lag.

Cho'Gath Eats the World

As of now, CHEW has a “play for free” option which makes me wonder if at some point, you have to “play for pay” so go Eat the World while you can.

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