theMulticast: PAX 2013 Edition

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We’re live at Pax East! Not really but… Basher, @corib3ar, @mattshotcha, and @mrs_shotcha meet for the first (sadly not the last) time. Learn the difference between great driving and bad driving. How to not do Pax. And apparently, a few light beers can put you down.

After the break we discuss the actual event. We walked up and down the aisles, played a couple games and watched a ton. We get to see firsthand how much Sam Fisher is left in Splinter Cell. Does the Last of Us look that good in person? Is Watch Dogs still worth the hype? However, we can say for sure that indie games are the future. A lot of great work from up and comers. And don’t look now but a lot of MMOs are getting the AAA treatment.

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