theMulticast: Bioshock goes up and Orthy goes down

Basher is cleaning house! Another word about a Wii U or traffic simulation games and you are done. @mattshotcha @snapscomesalive and @corib3ar are annoying the hell out of me on this weeks show. Today we put Bioshock Infinite on the chopping block. Are we finally impressed by a AAA title? You will be surprised to hear actual joy and optimism.

After the break we get back in to fuck off mode. That douche @adam_orth must not have heard us take down Cliffy B and Feminist Frequency. Orthy took it too far with his defense on an always online Xbox. So we take it farther and rip him a new one. Always online can and has been an issue in the past. Find out how we feel about it.

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