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June 28, 2012

How to get ideas to write a program


We all run into roadblocks. Sometimes, I look at programs or apps or even just every day things and think “ How did somebody think of that? That’s genius!” (At least in my head, I’m quite nonchalant on the outside). The real question here though is, how DO they think of these things?

Do you ever sit and think about certain everyday instances that could be made easier? Why not make that into a program? For example, recently I drove my roommate up to New York so he didn’t have to pay for a bus ticket. That’s what I told him, I actually just wanted to go up to NYC for a couple of days. Anyway, in the space of about 4 hours, I had gotten 3 different parking tickets. I spent the next 5 hours driving home raging bad, but once I got home I thought about how a simple application could have helped avoid that whole ordeal. Nothing will ever make NY cops less douchey, but I could have used something that at least showed the rules for each street so that I could reference it if I didn’t see a street sign.

There’s an idea for a program. I’m not going to go into how to write one or anything, this is just the first phase and arguably, the hardest. It doesn’t hurt to walk around with a pen and paper – or a notepad app on your phone – and just jot down whatever ideas you have. Sometimes, even finding a way to make a program you currently use better is a good way to get ideas for programs.

To sum this up, ideas surround us. The whole point of technology is to make your life easier. You just have to be aware enough to realize when you have an idea.

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