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April 24, 2013

Gramble-Saving the World One Game at a Time

How the world Plays

Gramble World BV , founded by Adam Palmer, is a charity organization based out of The Hague, Netherlands with a goal of improving the lives of 1 billion people through games. Gramble is currently in Beta mode and can only be accessed by visiting on your PC, smartphone, or tablet.

It’s pretty rare for me to find so many things that I actually like within such a short time frame. First it was Bioshock and now it’s Gramble. I probably need to start finding things to hate before I can’t stand myself anymore.

Gramble is a “cause-driven social media application” that you will be able to download onto your mobile device and access its’ cross platform games library.According to their site, any activity a user does within Gramble benefits charity organizations from Ad revenue while browsing to purchasing and playing games. I know what it sounds like: this is just another money hungry company trying to use charity to run their scam. Surprisingly enough, everything looks legit. Like, the charities exist and acknowledge that Gramble donates to their cause.


Gramble gives developers the ability to market their games on the PC, smartphone, or tablet. To be featured on Gramble, you just have to sign up on their developers site As a developer, you get access to the free Gramble SDK which comes packed with their cross-platform integration API, your personal Gramble developer buddy, and a variety of tools to help make your game as social and engaging as you can. To top it off, Gramble allows the developer to host their own game. With all of that put together, developers get to market and promote their game on more than 1 platform, they get support from real people if anything goes wrong, and they don’t have to sign over any rights to their game.

Seriously, what’s the catch?

The app was originally released in its first beta mode in December 2012 on the Apple and Google market. Since then its been taken off the market and the beta was simplified to visiting from a mobile device. From there, you can browse games which include a link to their respectable market for downloads.

I’ll be brutally honest here. If the app released to the market was anything like the site, then I can understand why it would be taken down. Some of the apps have broken images and the interface that displays everything is extremely buggy (I was using chrome on a tablet running ICS). With that being said, this is what a beta is for and I have complete confidence that Gramble will fix the issues. I plan on contacting Gramble in the near future to see what their plans are, but for now optimism is the path I choose to take.

The one thing that didn’t surprise me was the social media integration into the app. You are able to find friends from other social networks, build a community of gamers, directly connect with developers and charities, sell your first born to a third world country…Just kidding…kind of.

So if you’re looking for a way to save the world while also gaming, Gramble is probably a good decision for you. Check it out and support charities and developers world wide!

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