#PowerTheIndie Strategizer: Art of Defense-RTS Meets Turrets

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Strategizer: Art of Defense, by White Titan Games, was originally a tower defense game with a twist. Since then, the vision of White Titan Games has grown into a Real-Time Strategy Tower Defense hybrid. According to Ben Perchard, the project lead for Strategizer, he would describe the game as  “Defense Grid and Command & Conquer having a love child, and then injected with a small dose of Call of Duty”.  Sounds awesome right?

White Titan Games

I was a huge treat to talk to Ben about this game. He’s very passionate about his work and his ideas as a project lead are unselfish and work motivated. The current project, Strategizer: Art of Defense,  is in the planning phase with many ideas currently being implemented. White Titan Games wants to release the beta sometime during the summer, but doesn’t want to be definite with dates as pushed back deadlines can be frustrating.

The game will release on PC/Mac/Linux as well as a second version being released to FaceBook and Mobile. The FaceBook/Mobile version will be released under a different name with different aspects, but will have similarities in game play.

White Titan Games plans on releasing the PC/Mac version with a few different game modes including classic defense, attack, and resource goal. The finished game will have 26 levels in the campaign, but the end of the campaign is really where the story begins. To keep the game alive and fun, DLC’s will be released over the following months.

White Titan GamesThe FaceBook and Mobile version of the game take the same core aspects, but are adapted to work with the different platforms. The visuals will be slightly brought down and the gameplay will only be challenge based. You will have over 100 different mini challenges all increasing in difficulty. These versions will also get the same treatment as the PC/Mac version and will receive regular DLC updates.

When Ben was discussing the game with me, he took the time to mention that he wanted the DLC’s to remain as cost free as possible. The levels that they periodically add will be free because they don’t feel the need to charge outrageous prices for content that should already be included with the game price. “We will also be adding some pretty big episodes that are optional and will maybe require a small payment,” says Ben, “but I can guarantee it will be worth it.”

When you start up the game in classic mode, you will have crash landed on a new planet with a very basic defence set up. You’re about to be attacked and you must decide what to do with your limited funds. You have the option of building turrets or upgrading your HQ-which is the building you must protect to win the game. You will then be attacked by a series of waves of enemies-all which increase in difficulty-and you’ll have to build power generators to run more turrets. Tech centers must be unlocked to research upgrades and “Boss” enemies were hinted at to be able to complete levels.

In the game option “Attack” mode, players will begin the game in the dead of night and have to work with limited vision. Your base will be built outwards in an attempt to find the enemy base and take it out with all the weapons at your disposal. After neutralizing an enemy base, you will be able to “take” tech information and upgrade your weapons from there with many different options to experiment with.

To keep Strategizer from becoming a monotonous game with very little involvement, developers have added a “Super Turret”. These turrets are extremely devastating long range weapons that have to be manually reloaded. They will require skill from the player to get the right angle and distance to be the most effective.

Wrapping up my talk with Ben, I asked what his plan for the future was and what he hopes the outcome of Strategizer: Art of Defense would be. His answer was that he simply wanted both the developer to be excited about creating the next installment in the game and the players to be excited about playing it. He emphasized the fact that they are all gamers and fans of the genre and, in the end, being proud of what you’re able to accomplish is what it’s about.

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