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May 16, 2013

Hammerwatch-Let’s Play with theMultiCast-Unedited

Let's Play with theMulticast

Featuring @themultitap @SnapsComesAliveand yours truly @corib3ar of @BiasBear

I honestly can’t find any reason for you to watch this. Except that we had Hipshot (Jochum Skoglund – developer of Hammerwatch) as our guest on the last podcast and he was effing AWESOME. So I guess if you were curious about the game play, then maybe watch it on mute. Or, if you like to subject yourself to our humorless banter without being forced to listen to the podcast, then I guess you can listen to us play too.

Oh and I just pieced together my Fraps files and clicked export into my media encoder. I’m sure there were things I should have edited out, but…I was lazy. Enjoy!

The beta is available for download on the Hammerwatch Website <–Click there

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