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May 16, 2013

The Mims Beginning-Lovable Colony Building With a Side of Adventure

Squatting Penguin Studios

Steam GreenlightThe Mims Beginning is currently being voted for on Steam Greenlight! Click here to visit their page and support this game.

The Mims Beginning started off as an idea for a strategy game and evolved into a beautiful world with a beautiful story. You play a God-like caretaker of a colony of creatures called Mims who are space travelers stranded in a strange place when their ship was hit by a meteor. In adventure mode, your primary goal is to help the Mims rebuild their spaceship and finally get the chance to go home. In free play mode, you can play casually and build a colony without having to fulfill an objective.

Squatting Penguin StudiosThe Mims are not your normal space travelers. They are not your normal everything. Squatting Penguins Studios has outdone themselves and not only created a new world, but imagined and created the creatures that inhabit it. They even twisted the normal concept of what an inhabitant of space is by creating the Mims to be a funny and lovable species. When asked the reason behind this idea, Squatting Penguin Studios answered by outlining their hope to help people remember when games were about more than killing and shooting everything you see. They instead wanted to create a game that players could enjoy planning, thinking, and caring about creatures while still having the option to be adventurous.

The Mims Beginnings will still have the same core aspects as colony building games we’ve all grown to love. Techs will need to be researched, crops need to be grown, and you’ll have livestock to raise. What will make The Mims stand out, however, is the delightful world you will be playing in.

There are a few unique aspects to the game play. The first is the need to gather Biofruits for animals and energy. Each animal will consume a certain kind of Biofruit while some will be able to consume multiple types. There are certain advantages to having these animals, so you’ll want to make sure you take care of them. There are also Psi Powers that you will need to perform certain activities. When I talked to Squatting Penguins, they compared this ability to a form of magic. These crystals can be harvested from animals that you send to the “Space Market”. In this game, everything connects in some way.

Squatting Penguin StudiosThere will be multiple islands for you and your Mims to explore. Each island possesses a unique trait and special topography. You can find an adventure, quest, or mystery on each island. Some islands will require you to have built up your colony to a certain point before exploring an island further so you will need to plan your strategy of conquering them.

Everything isn’t all fun and adventures, though. You are in unknown space territory afterall. As your colony grows and expands, outside creatures will be attracted to your cool new things. Using your resources, you will need to fend off attacks and provide some kind of defence for your minions using your Psi Powers.

There are currently no set dates for a release, but Squatting Penguins is tirelessly working towards getting their first demo out. Keep up to date with The Mims Beginning News on their IndieDB Page and follow @BiasBear on Twitter because I think it would be cool.


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