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May 31, 2013

Total Decay #Kickstarter Launched-Show Your Support!


Total Decay, by Lunar Blast Interactive, has just launched their Kickstarter with a pledged goal of £3,000.

Visit their Kickstarter and donate here!


I talked briefly about Total Decay in a previous post (Click here to read) and I’m excited for the success of this game! Total Decay is a turn based settlement management game based in the zombie apocalypse. It’s not your normal zombie game because there is no cure, no hope for rescue, and no way to win the game. The game ends when you die and your survivor camp ceases to exist.

Total Decay Features:

  • Dozens of weapons, armor and clothing
  • A wide range of random events, ranging from bandit attacks to raiding slavers, travelling merchants to fleeing refugees, or entire zombie hordes breaking down your settlement walls.
  • Diplomacy and War with other settlements and bandits
  • An unending, procedurally generated city
  • Leveling system for each individual survivor
  • Dozens of unique buildings that you can upgrade to give you powerful bonuses

While they are appreciative of even the smallest donation, you can get the game for only £6 (About $9)! Higher donations of £12 (About $18) can get you the Deluxe Edition which includes the soundtrack, a wallpaper and avatars for you to use as you please. You can even pay £193 (About $294) to be listed as an Associate Producer in the credits. So head over to the Total Decay Kickstarter and pick up your copy of the game!

[From the Total Decay Kickstarter] With the money we receive from the Kickstarter campaign, we will:

  • Pay those team members who were kind enough to work for free or promise of pay until now.
  • Update our music, sound effects, graphics, art, and game mechanics.


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