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June 28, 2012

Cydia Market – iPhone JailBreak


I mentioned breifly in a previous post about the Cydia marketplace. This is the market that comes installed when you jailbreak an iPhone. It’s a pretty cool addition and definitely worth it if you’re willing to jailbreak your device. Keep in mind, that jailbreaking your iPhone does void it’s warranty, but if anything happens because of the jailbreak, you can restore from defaults via iTunes and that usually fixes whatever problem has come up (or at least allows you to bring it back to normal so you can send it in for a warranty replacement).

When you first bring up the marketplace, the home screen welcomes you along with the package updates and changes that may have occurred since your last load. I would highly recommend that you be connected to WiFi especially if it’s the first time that you load Cydia. The changes and updates sometimes take a while to load and you can’t do anything until it’s done. Well, you can, but it’ll reload the home screen again once it’s done.

Not everything on the Cydia market is free. If the item is written in blue type, then you will have to pay for it. You pay for everything through Amazon or PayPal. You must also sign in via FaceBook or Google.

There are a few apps that I recommend because they make the phone better and there’s a few that I recommend just because they make the phone more fun. The Cydia market is HUGE and your best bet is to take a little bit of time to go through it as your own pace.


WinterBoard: If you plan on making any visual modifications to your iPhone, you will want to install this application. It is the jailbreak equivalent to the SpringBoard which handles the regular iOS visual aspects. This shows up in the settings if you need to make any changes to it. Themes, lockscreens, color changes for WiFi and time, SMS colors, and sounds are some things that are changed through WinterBoard.

SBS settings: This is more of a convenience factor. You can set a switch to toggle settings instead of having to go into settings. There are themes and colors to change this from the original download into something more useable. I believe the original download only has a toggle for WiFi, BlueTooth, Data, and Airplane mode. I downloaded a theme that also has a better process killer, I can respring from the SBS menu, shut down or restart, and location settings.

Activator: This allows you to change the settings for activating certain things such as what happens when you double or triple hit the home screen button, different ways to unlock your phone, changing your SBS settings, sliding actions, and other things like that. A pretty neat way for you to make your phone a little bit more personal

Unrestrictor: This is an app that you have to pay for. It’s definitely something that I consider worth it though. You have the ability to unlock the data restrictions on your phone on things like the market and FaceTime. I especially like the ability to use Facetime whenever I want to. You also can bypass the market 20 MB download limit. This is good for us folks grandfathered into the unlimited data plan and aren’t worried about going over our limit.

SMS TimeStamps: For some reason, it really irritated me because my iPhone never showed all of the time stamps in my text messages. I’m not sure why it was so inconvenient for me, but it was. This app turns on a time stamp for every text message received and sent. It’s obviously something that’s user preference.

A few other apps worth mentioning are User Agent Faker, Color Messages, BytaFont, and Color Clock. Like I said before, everything you put on your phone is going to be user preference. A jailbroken iPhone gives you the ability to personalize your phone because it takes away the restrictions that apple puts on the iPhone. In complete seriousness, jail breaking your iPhone makes it more like a Droid. Play around with it, but make sure that what you’re downloading is compatible with your operating system.

Keep track of what you’re downloading and whether or not it works. I have downloaded an app that completely crashed my phone and it took me a few hours to figure out what was wrong with it.

One thing that would make the market better is if it had an easier way to manage the apps you’ve downloaded. It always takes a while for me to figure out what it is that I need to delete. I only say this, because it is a lot easier to delete applications when you stay on top of it. This is not only for the Cydia app market, but also for the regular Apple market. To keep your phone working like new as long as possible, you will want to keep the memory as clean and free as possible.

I hope you have fun with your improved iPhone. If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to contact me at

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