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June 14, 2013

Blood of the Werewolf-White Knuckle, Classic Action Gaming

Scientifically Proven

Blood of the Werewolf, by Scientifically Proven, currently has a Demo out for you to try. Click here to see if your reflexes are up to the challenge!

Steam GreenlightYou can also find this game on Steam Greenlight. If you like this game, support it by helping Blood of the Werewolf get on a publishing platform that will allow it to be as successful as you think it should be. Tell your friends. They need to know too.

There is no Golden Age of gaming. Each gamer has their place in time that games were perfect. The perfect blend of story and character. An experience that was tough, challenging, and daring. And at the same time fun and rewarding.

The term “white knuckle” has been forgotten and is simply unknown by todays gamer. But the old school remembers. Blood of the Werewolf remembers. A new game by ex Call of Duty developer, you would think it coming out of left field. In actuality, these developers have been experimenting for years. Blood of the Werewolf is a time traveling experiment that takes you back to a time of true hardcore gaming.

A 2D platformer with the inspiration of Castlevania and difficulty of Mega Man. That is Blood of the Werewolf. Each enemy attack will knock you backwards creating that 80s-90s infused rage of falling in to lava, spikes, pits… It just does not quit. Everything on the screen is against you. You have no friends and you are alone. Except for your trusty crossbow and ability to transform in to a werewolf. Like any of that matters when there are countless projectiles and enemies begging for your death. Best of all, it is completely balanced and fair.

What made a lot of the early sidescrollers difficult was the relentless AI. A gamer has not earned his or her (girls play games?) stripes until they were murdered by a shot that came off screen in Mega Man. Or been devastated by an impossible psycho crusher combo that only the AI could pull off. None of that is here in Blood of the Werewolf. It is all balanced so that the player can only blame themselves. If you were not quick enough, precise enough, or patient enough. It is all on you.

This is just the demo, and it is already shaping up to be a huge hit. The blend of new school and old school is a breath of fresh air. The challenging gameplay is rewarding and satisfying. Beware young gamers. There is a learning curve. And getting around the curve is just the first step. After mastering the gameplay, you have to prove it with your grade and time. Sorry, there is no achievement for pressing start. You have to earn these bragging rights. White knuckles and all. Blood of the Werewolf is coming to ruin your life soon.

theMulticast got the chance to talk to Nathanial (“Than”) of Scientifically Proven and he knows how to make games. Click here to listen to the podcast.

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