Splatter, Just Harder Times-Can You Survive This Top Down Shooter?

Steam GreenlightSplatter is currently in voting on Steam Greenlight! Click here to vote for this game and help it get accepted onto Steam!

Splatter is now available for purchase! Visit the Dreamworlds site for your copy of Splatter. 

Overnight, the city you have decided to call home has become overrun with monsters. It is up to you to fend off the bad guys as you try to uncover what has caused the abrupt madness. Your weapons are upgradeable, your pistol has unlimited ammo, you have no idea who to trust, and sometimes you’ll get a fireball to the face. Those are just some of the risks you’ll have to take.

DreamworldsSplatter-Just Harder Times, by Dreamworlds, is a Top Down Shooter that’s not your average apocalypse video game. You’ll have to use more than just your trigger finger to make it through the increasingly harder levels. Watch the game play video above for a little peek at what I’m talking about.

By purchasing Splatter, you’ll get an awesome game and ensure that Dreamworlds can continue to provide an ongoing experience for you. They have plans on adding a new arcade, multiplayer modes, maps, and voice acting for the whole game – all updates will be free once you’ve purchased the game.

Not only will you be upgrading your gaming experience within Splatter, you also will be helping Dreamworlds complete projects they’ve been wanting to complete for a long time. I got the opportunity to talk to the Head of Project, Thomas Schulze, who shared one of his other projects-Splitterwelten– with me. If Splatter is successful, they ” hope to return to it and develop it to the grand RPG we imagined it to be a looooong time ago,” says Schulze.

DreamworldsThe most unique aspect of Splatter is the use of flares. The monsters are repelled by flares and you can use them as a sort of crowd control. Watch out for shadows though. Flares are only effective when the monster can see the light which is another example of how Splatter doesn’t cut corners.

I think my favorite part of the game is the ability to destroy the environment around you. There’s something extremely soothing about setting off a chain reaction of cars exploding. There are plenty of things for you to run around and break. Boxes, doors, tables, trees, and more are all at your maniacal disposal and some of them might be hiding loot as an added bonus.

If you’re into a game with an immersive story line. is more than just mindless shooting, and has excitement around every corner, then you should definitely give Splatter a try. Click here to buy Splatter-Just Harder Times!  Remember to vote for Splatter on Steam Greenlight! And don’t forget to follow @BiasBear on Twitter to stay up to date with gaming news!


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