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June 29, 2013

Preview: Our Dark Purpose

our dark purpose

Our Dark Purpose KickStarter

Difficult, challenging, and rewarding. Our Dark Purpose is a standout performance amongst the top down shooter. Or is it an RPG? This is a video game with many influences all combined perfectly to create heart pounding, blink and you die action. Don’t get this get little Cordy confused. It’s kill or be killed in Edgewood Home for Lost Children. And prepared to be killed a lot.

On the surface, Our Dark Purpose is a very simplistic game. Using WASD to move and the arrow keys to shoot, you’d think there was nothing to surviving while the teacher is out. However as you play each room, the challenges become tougher. More enemies, more projectiles, and more danger. The genius design cleverly hides the depth that is in the gameplay. The gradually challenging areas improve your skills without you taking much notice. And just when you think you got things down, the next room you enter has a brand new enemy inside. Or worse, a powered up version of a familiar foe.

The art matches the gameplay perfectly. Layered visuals create a look that is on the one hand cute but on the other hand very creepy. That dichotomy blends well with what you’re doing as the character. The backgrounds look like they may come alive at any time. And all the while you don’t trust a single object you see. The 2D art really comes alive when things are flying and enemies are in pursuit. It looks like Link is having a nightmare he cannot awake from. But who wants awake from this beautiful scenery?

Cordy will have to make her way to the top floor and reach the administrators’ office. With many floors and even more rooms, Our Dark Purpose has great potential to be a game you won’t be able to put down for a long while. In addition to the battling, Cordy will be able to attend classes that will boost her abilities to prepare you for the real danger that lies ahead. But nothing can really prepare you. And that is where the fun lies. Our Dark Purpose is currently in development. Go support and play it now!

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