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July 13, 2013

RoundUp-Updates from Around the Gaming World



A few months ago, we talked to Lucky Pause about their game on Kickstarter, Homesick. (Click here to listen to this podcast). Thanks to us (kind of), Homesick raised $27,897 and backed by 1,503 people.  They met their minimum goal, plus all three stretch goals!


We’ve done a Let’s Play with Hammerwatch as well as a podcast interview with them. (Click here to watch the Let’s Play. Click here to listen to the podcast.) They’ve been working hard to update the game and it has been Greenlit!
This is the change list for 1.05:
Game play and Design:

Server browser:

  • A server browser have been added to the game, this should make it much easier for people to find games and play with their friends. There’s still the the option to connect via direct-ip (opening your ports might still be needed in some cases). The game now auto-downloads custom levels too.

In-game and lobby chat:

  • Now you can chat in-game using our new chat, just hit ENTER in the game and type away!

New secrets:

  • Two new kinds of secrets were added to the game, one of the is a chance button that gives you up to four different rewards.

More sounds:

  • The long list of sound effects missing have become smaller! The Warlock now has sounds for his electricity and his poison dagger (which now is green).


New Entities/elements:

  • AddParallaxLayer
  • RemoveParallaxLayer
  • PlayerCount
  • AllPlayersAreaTrigger
  • HideObject

Skyward Collapse

Arcen Games talked to us about being a successful indie game development studio. Click here to listen to the podcast. Their 6th release, Skyward Collapse, is available on Steam and they’re ready to add a little something extra. First Expansion for Skyward Collapse will  be released in August 2013 featuring Japanese mythology such as Kitsune and Tanuki.

The Wooden Clock

The Wooden Clock is now available for Purchase on the Ion Force Studio Website. Click here to pick up your copy for 2.99.

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