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October 2, 2013

Oknytt and the Indie Royale Debut 5 Bundle


Indie Royale has released The Debut 5 Bundle featuring a list of games currently on Steam Greenlight. Titles include Oknytt, Jamsouls, The Curse of Nordic Cove, Bret Airborne, Millennium: A New Hope, and FromPulse.

I picked up the bundle and Oknytt was the lucky first. Oknytt, by Nemoria, is a point and click adventure revolving around helping a mysterious creature in a dark world trying to find where he belongs.

NemoriaIn terms of game play, it’s your basic point and click. The one thing that makes Oknytt unique is the four runes that appear on the bottom of your screen. Each rune represents an element and a unique action occurs when you click them in different areas. Sometimes, the runes will cause something visually cool to happen, or it will continue the story for you.

The puzzles are good if not a little far-fetched. There were a few times that I just went around clicking things until something came up right. There’s an equal amount of things making sense and things not.

Visually, the world is very dark with small snippets of hope. The creature you play looks like an aardvark and a porcupine mated with a sheepdog, but still comes off with a bit of charm that sucks you into the game. Unfortunately this aardvark/porcupine/sheepdog learned how to move from a snail and that turned out to be one of the more annoying aspects of the game. It sometimes can also be hard to see items you need to pick up which can just be a hassle.

I appreciate the extra time Nemoria put into adding narration. Playing Oknytt reminded me of listening to a good audio book where the narrator also did the voices of each character in a different pitch. Everything you interact with has three options and two of them start narration so there is a lot of listening. If you are like me and read super quickly, you can click through instead of waiting for the dialogue to finish.

Overall, Oknytt isn’t anything different even with the runes being a factor. It is an adventure game and the story is different so giving it a shot might not be a bad idea. Head over to their Steam page to vote “Yes” or you can visit their homepage to pick up a copy of your own.

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