Sentris-Musical Puzzle Game Seeks Funding

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Sentris, by Samantha Kalman, is a new kind of music game that will “transform any player into a musician”. Ever since KMI released the QuNeo and QuNexus, I’ve always been fascinated with new musical technology.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never touched an instrument before. Sentris requires you to place blocks in a rotating circle that stack up over time. The circle then becomes a song that is uniquely yours. Pretty cool, huh?

For a limited time, you can back the project with only $15 and receive a DRM free copy of Sentris when it is released. If you don’t make it in time, it’s only $20 after that. Spend a little more and you can get in on the early beta and/or alpha access. Exclusive tiers include t-shirts, paperweights, and artwork.

Watching the video above, Samantha mentioned how she wants to build a game where you have something to show for yourself after you’re done and you have the ability to save songs and share them with friends. Not only does Samantha want Sentris to be a game, she wants it to be a musical community.  Sentris is about making music and feeling good about it-something she felt while playing in a band.

If funded, the dev has promised:

  • Puzzle Mode – Solve colorful puzzles and make music at the same time.
  • Freestyle Mode – An expanded musical creation experience, without puzzles and with more control over the instruments and progressions of each song.
  • Local Multiplayer – Make music in Puzzle mode or Freestyle mode with your friends. Just like being in a band!
  • Musical Instrument Library – A collection of different instruments, samples, and musical textures, compatible with any key signature.
  • Song Sharing – Save and share your finished songs with anyone on the internet. Build your own fan base for your music.
  • Platforms – Play Sentris on Mac, PC, and Linux

Head on over to the Sentris Kickstarter to help fund a new era of musicians.

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