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October 29, 2013

[Podcast] Disco Takes Over the Indies


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On this week’s episode of theMulticast, we kill things violently, take down Verdun, and welcome our new best friend Erik Asmussen of 82apps. Playing indie games is not all sunshine and lollipops. We cover a few good ones and one bad one.

To no one’s surprise, Corib3ar brings with her yet another way to kill cute things. One of these days she will be tricked in to an intervention. However, this game looks to be a good time. Find out what she likes about it. Phalanx then brings Verdun to the table. That very table we burned down, Verdun and all. For an alpha looking for funding, the core mechanics need a lot of work. That said, we are working on a Civil War game. Should be just as exciting.

After the jump, the real star of the show joins us. Erik Asumussen is the developer of Disco Dodgeball. One of the most fun multiplayer games we have played this year. Erik shows how a very simple concept can be the base of a very meaty game. In last week’s show, we talked about how much we enjoyed throwing balls in each other’s faces. We now get to talk to the guy who owns those balls.


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