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June 29, 2012

Real Truth About ZenBook Facial Recognition – Windows 7

One of the really cool things that comes with my ZenBook is a facial recognition unlock. This obviously isn’t going to be as secure as a good old 16 character password, but I don’t keep sensitive information on my laptop and I really have no reason to keep a password on my computer, I just do.

The facial recognition uses your webcam everytime the log in screen comes up to search for a face in it’s sights and see if that face matches what it has in it’s photo database for the user of the computer. You have two options – simple and complex. I have yet to get my computer unlocked using the complex option. That could very well be because I am not patient enough for it to go through, or maybe the complex is just too complex. I have been told I have many faces – whatever that means.

The whole premise behind this is pretty flawed. I actually took a picture of myself from my phone and was able to unlock my computer using it. It took a few different pictures with the right angle, but if somebody can pull a facebook photo off the internet and use it, it’s probably not the best way to keep your information a secret. This was in the simple mode, of course. 2 months later and I still haven’t successfully unlocked this thing on complex.

In conclusion, it’s probably best for you to just keep a password lock on your computer if security is your first choice. If looking cool and doing something a little bit different is your forte, then by all means keep the facial recognition on there. You can still unlock your computer by the password just in case you woke up looking really bad and even your laptop camera can’t recognize you. We’ve all had those mornings, no judgment here.



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