Warface- Free To Play Crysis Mod

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Here’s a video of Warface – a browser based free to play Crysis mod that’s not worth the time it takes to load the game. Warface gives you the opportunity to play as different classes to support your favorite kind of game play, but is nothing unique in the FPS genre. Check out Warface here.

YouTube Description:

Is Warface the worst F2P (free to play) game ever? No, but it still doesn’t offer much as far as FPS’s go. Warface, develeped by Crytek, is a Crysis mod that is basically a free Call Of Duty. The graphics are not too bad, however, the gameplay is very lack luster. Warface thrives off of P2W (pay to win) mechanics where in order to be awesome you must buy equipment or grind for hours to acquire it.

Warface may not be the worst free to play game ever with its innovative gameplay, but the GFace interface for the Warface website is horrible and built by a two year old.

Warface trailer clips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKRnDLjfksY

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