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November 25, 2013

[Podcast] Life After Blood Of The Werewolf

Blood of the Werewolf

We go Behind the Scenes of Blood of the Werewolf

Than McClure of Scientifically Proven Entertainment and developer of Blood of the Werewolf (BoW) is back! Than joins the podcast to chat developer life post game release. Or at least he tries. He must battle Cori’s every attempt to ruin the show early on. But this is a professional program so theMulticast powers through.

Listen as Than describes how a demo or BETA hurts and helps a project. There are many risks involved when releasing just a demo. The conversation then moves toward Valve and Steam. Find out how Valve uses Greenlight to release fan driven games. And as usual, the show moves all over the place. Piracy, Metacritic, and what defines success are all covered in this week’s episode.

Be sure to check out Blood of the Werewolf on Steam, Gamestop, and where ever else you can find digital content.

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