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February 4, 2014

Broken Age-Vella Walkthrough-The Maiden’s Feast

Broken Age

Vella’s Walkthrough:


  • Little sister calls you and wakes you up, click on her to talk.
  • Go back to the house to talk to the family.
  • There’s a surprise party at the house, but you can’t leave for the Maiden’s Feast until you find the ceremonial knife to cut the cake.
  • There’s a plate covered by a towel up at the front. Click on it and reveal a plate of cupcakes.
  • Take a cupcake and talk to grandpa. He’ll tell you he hid the knife. Ask him if he wants a cupcake.
  • Open your inventory by rolling over the bottom left corner. Pick up the cupcake and use it on Grandpa Beastender. Ask him if he wants to split a cupcake.
  • Grandpa will bring out the knife and split the cupcake. Pick up the knife and it’ll be added to your inventory.
  • Open your inventory and use the knife on mom

Broken Age

  • After a small talk with the family, the next scene will be at the Maiden’s Feast.
  • Since you’re not keen on being eaten by a monster, you try to find a way out.
  • Obviously you’ll be using the blue bird to get out. The bird is attacking the fat chick with the drumstick so that’s what you’re trying to get.
  • Talk to all the girls and then Mog Chothra appears
  • He takes the candle girl first.
  • Talk to the girl on your right in purple and ask if you can have a drink of water in exchange for your corset.
  • She says the corset is too big for her and then the green girl gets eaten.
  • Ask the girl on the right once more if you can have the bottle then offer the bottle to the fat chick on the left.
  • She will open it and it’ll explode on her. Offer her the towel in exchange for her drumstick.
  • The drumstick will be stuck in the cake and you can’t reach the bird. Use your corset on the bird but you still can’t get out.
  • Use the knife on your dress and you’ll break free escaping into the sky.

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