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February 2, 2014

[YTube Podcast] SAMMUS Goes Brolic

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On today’s podcast I welcome friend and fellow podcaster, Jon Dao. However our star of the show is none other than rapper, producer, and nerd; SAMMUS. Find out the inspiration behind her craft and persona. What makes her a Metroid fangirl? And why do New Yorkers use weird words like “Brolic”?
I then get the chance to ask a female gamer, her thoughts on the representation on women in gaming. Our discussion leads to minorities in media in general. After that light conversation agree that Sonic is cool and Mario is lame. Apparently Sonic is “mad disrespectful”. And what the heck is an echidna?
Finally, we settle the score: Super Nintendo or SEGA Genesis. April O’Neil is a FOOL!
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