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February 4, 2014

[Podcast] Why You Should Play Retro Games with Retro Magazine

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Welcome Mike Kennedy to the show. He is the publisher of Retro Magazine. Retro Magazine is a videogame magazine that focuses on the smaller titles and retro inspired games. Talking to Mike is like taking a class in old school gaming. We take a look back in history before there was hour long tutorials and regenerating health.

If you are interested in the history of videogames, be sure to follow Mike and the crew over at Retro. theMulticast is lucky to have someone with such a wealth of knowledge on the show. Most of the core game mechanics we enjoy today are just iterations of the original design that Mike was there for. Mike isn’t stuck in the past though. Listen and find out what his game of choice is when not playing retro games. I will surprise you.


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