[Podcast] Debate Club: Broken Age Review

By Basher On 11 Feb, 2014 At 10:28 PM | Categorized As Featured, Reviews, theMulticast | With 0 Comment

Up for debate today is Broken Age by Double Fine Productions. Critically acclaimed and everyone loves it. Except for theMulticast crew! They played and beat Broken Age. And now it’s up on the chopping block. What makes Broken Age stand out in the adventure game genre? Whatever ever it was supposed to be, it wasn’t seen by this crew. That does not make it the worst  game ever. But it is not deserving of the praise it is currently receiving. A deeper, smarter experience was expected of this 3.5 million dollar INDIE game. Was Kickstarter needed for a production company with such a large and clear lane in the gaming industry? They question not only that but its indie credentials.  theMulticast, masters of hating what you like is back at it.

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