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February 17, 2014

Top 3 Things I Hate About Titanfall Beta


What is the deal, good sirs? Humble host of theMulticast podcast, Basher here. As most of you know and probably sold your soul for, Titanfall beta is out. By the time of writing this, the Xbox One version has gone public while PC users are blowing each other for the prestigious opportunity in the year’s biggest stress test. There is a ton of stuff to enjoy in Titanfall so far. Traversing buildings is fluid, the gun play is very accessible, and titans. Those lovely titans. But before  you all dislocate your jaw and wrap your juicy lips around Titanfall’s knob, please allow me to get some things off my chest.

Smart_pistol1. Smart Pistol

The Smart Pistol is a very intelligent sidearm. So intelligent that it has lock on capability. Simply hover your reticle over an enemy combatant(s) and presto! You just earned yourself a few guaranteed bullet hits. And that’s not all. Score all locks and that is one dead pilot on the other end. Add to that the locking distance is crazy large for such a weapon and you are left with an instant bullshit weapon. See them coming and you’re good. Except for the fact that everyone can cloak invisible. We just found our first noob combo. But let’s say they nerf it, curb it, or alter it in any way. Why the hell is in the game in the first place? Who thought it was a great idea to put a one hit kill weapon that does not need aiming on every player?! I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t need help holding my gun.

2_Marvins2. Minions

There are many theories around the web discussing why we have fake people in our multiplayer game. I will not discuss any of them here. The official word is that 6 versus 6 is the perfect and only balance that Respawn could come up with. I will call bullcrap on that all day but let’s go with it. Because there are so few players in a multiplayer FPS game made in 2014, we have filler minions to fake a battlefield. Because they exist, we must deal with them. In deathmatch three or four minions count as one kill for your team’s total. In domination, you can choose to hack them and they assist you. Like a bunch of mini titans. But unlike titans, they are smaller than you and less useful. Usefulness is the key here. Playing game after with the minions in mind, I have not seen them turn the battle once. And why should they? Am I playing League of Legends? All that matters is how much ass you kick and that is the way it should be. So why the low player count, tight maps, and filler minions? I don’t know, Respawn said so and you take it as gospel.


titanfall3. It Is Not Next Gen

If you didn’t want to kill me by number two, then get your pitchforks ready. Titanfall is not next-gen. This gen? Whatever, it does not take advantage of current hardware at all. This modified source engine feels and runs just like that. I am a gameplay over graphics guy 99 percent of the time. However, you cannot sell a title as next-gen with these visuals. I hear you out there, “It’s not the graphics that make it next-gen”. Screw off. We have had guys jumping in to flying mech since Playstation 3. But you run on walls you say? I was impressed by Mirror’s Edge also. Not so much, Brink. Point is, this game was touted as the second coming and a must have for next-gen consoles. But nothing it does demands next-gen hardware. Congrats on making the most accessible shooter since, well, Call of Duty. But by doing so, we end up with a very good-looking Xbox 360 game instead of a visual orgasm that screams, “This is why I got a Xbox One!”

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