#PowerTheIndie Motte Island Available on Desura

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A few months ago, we talked to One Aperture about their upcoming game Motte Island. Additionally, you can find a review of the demo here.

I usually don’t re-review games that are already on the site, but this one is special. Thanks to Motte Island and One Aperture, I am able to fulfill 2 of my life long goals. 1) Be a for-real bear and 2) Kill Basher. After recording a thoroughly entertaining podcast, One Aperture jokingly offered to put us in their game. A few months after that, they actually did.

Motte_Island_Coribear(Spoiler Alert)  In an eerie scene after you’ve visited the cemetery, you’ll come across your own little Cori Bear who is a pet of the mass murder Basher. Defeat the bear and Basher will sneak up behind you taking you captive. Once you’ve broken free, you’ll have to defeat Basher as well. It’s a small bit in an awesome game, but we’re gearing up for our next big roles. (Maybe, maybe not)

I didn’t actually get the chance to play the demo when it first came out. I tend to be very “sensitive” towards scary games. I edited the game play and that was about enough for me. This time, I put on my big boy pants, made sure it was a sunny cloud-free day, and played with the sound turned down. The game was still scary.

Motte_Island_DeadBearIt’s pretty amazing how many emotions can be brought out playing a top down game. I wouldn’t necessarily classify Motte Island as a stealth game, but it’s way easier to sneak past the monsters than engage them. You still get a certain amount of adrenaline coursing through your veins as you try to sneak past a monster that would definitely kick your ass if it saw you. One thing I loved about the movement is that you move quickly, but the camera is focused in very close to your player. As you navigate around the island, you’re never sure that a monster isn’t just ahead giving you only a second to react when you see them. I found myself crossing my fingers as I walked from one area to the next that I wouldn’t run into anything.

Motte_Basher_FightThere are also parts where you must use a flashlight or you won’t be able to see anything around you. The scariest parts of the game were walking into a dark room after you’ve lock picked the door and your flashlight honing in on a monster. The sounds the monsters make along with the music were something that I almost couldn’t handle.

A last part I wanted to touch on were the actual graphics. The artist who designed them had a twisted mind. While you’re playing, just pause the game and take a close look at the things you’re fighting. It’s definitely a “WTF” moment.

It’s hard to find anything wrong with this game. There are a few grammatical errors that seem to be a translation issue, but beyond that, the game keeps you questioning what’s going to happen next and is never boring.

In conclusion…what’s my conclusion here? Oh, if you hate me and want to kill me, play this game. More importantly, if you want to kill Basher, play this game. And most importantly, if you like a good mystery with awesome monsters that will have you jumping out of your seat, play this game.

If you want to try out the demo, it looks like it’s still available on their IndieDB page. For those ready to hop right into the action and play it through, you can find Motte Island on Desura and Gamer’s Gate for $4.99. Motte Island is also on Steam Greenlight awaiting your votes of approval. For all updates on Motte Island and One Aperture, follow them on Twitter  or like their Facebook page. As always, follow @Biasbear on Twitter because it’s the cool thing to do.

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