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Games For Change, in partnership with the Schusterman Philanthropic Network (Schusterman),has selected three finalists for the 2014 Shoot for the Moon game design challenge. The finalists will debut at the 2014 Games for Change festival and the winner will receive $25,000.

Shoot for the Moon was announced in February instructing designers to create a space exploration game with a side motive of helping the SpaceIL team in their pursuit to land an Israeli spacecraft on the moon. The winner will get the opportunity to develop their game further with the final build being promoted on the SpaceIL website to help crowd source real space data to be used in missions.

The Games for Change festival will take place in NYC April 22-24 & 26 in partnership with the People’s Choice Awards. You can find more information on tickets here.

Congratulations to all the finalists! You can find more information on their game as well as a demo in the links below.

Moon Rush
Lunar Rocks
(Ohio State University)

Strategically navigate your way to the Moon on limited fuel while avoiding unpredictable obstacles such as meteorites. Land at the Apollo 17 site and capture photos of the Moon’s surface.Learn more and play their demo.

Rocket Science
Chris Crawford

An unmanned rocket simulator for finding the ideal balance between engine power and fuel consumption, and learning about rocket engines and how their size affects the mission. Play through different aspects of: rocket design, launch and boost phase, translunar injection, and the landing sequence while preparing for a mission to the Moon. Learn more.

SpaceIL Academy

You have been recruited to train in spaceflight simulations as a cadet at the space station academy. In this animated massively multiplayer adventure with realistic newtonian physics, fly your customized spaceship on missions to nearby moons and complete STEM homework puzzles to graduate and join the fleet. Learn more and play their demo.

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