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July 3, 2012

COD MW3 – 15th MOAB achievement

I haven’t played COD MW3 in a while, but my clan leader sent me this picture yesterday of a challenge he unlocked for getting the 15th M.O.A.B. It’s actually more around his 50th, but I don’t think they started counting them until the last prestige update.


I thought it was pretty cool. I’m not sure who he’s doing favors for to get those silly things. I always tend to be on the team that are complete idiots and the game has been out for so long that none of my clan wants to play multiplayer anymore. I don’t blame them, in the time that I’ve taken a break from the game, an abundance of idiots have gone out and bought it COD MW3

Anyway, I thought I would share since you don’t get to see one everyday. One day, I’ll get one. One day.

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