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July 1, 2014

July Feature: Brothers-A Tale of Two Sons

Starbreeze Studios

There was a lot of thought put into what game I would play first in my month-long quest to die of exhaustion. In the end, I chose to start with Brothers-A Tale of Two Sons. I’m not sure why, but it wasn’t hard to pick this game. Something about it made me want to talk about it sooner than later.

It’s actually ridiculously hard to choose 31 games out of a list of almost 200. I knew it was going to be kind of difficult, but I was thinking more like fixing a souffle difficult, not getting a straight answer out of a teenage girl difficult.

Starbreeze StudiosBrothers-A Tale of Two Sons, was released in 2013. Developed by Starbreeze Studios (creators of the PayDay series) and published by 505 Games, Brothers got generally positive reviews. You can find Brothers on the Xbox LIVE arcade, PlayStation Network, and Steam for PC.

I had played through the beginning of Brothers already and, even then, found something about the game to be endearing and catchy. At the time, I had only made it through an hour or so, but finishing it had stuck in the back of my mind. When I saw Brothers on the Steam Summer Sale, I decided to rekindle my interest in the game and immediately bought it.

Brothers-A Tale of Two Sons is unique in a way that you control two characters at the same time. I’ve read through some forums and reddits about the same concept, but never played a game that implemented it.

You must use a controller to play Brothers. The right analog stick and trigger control the little brother and the left controls the big brother. It sounds super simple, but is more difficult to master than you think. One of the things that I appreciated about this game is that they took the time to offer different interactions for the big and little brother. Sometimes the little brother will act childish around something while interacting with the same object or person using the older brother could generate a more mature reaction. It can also serve as one of the more comical aspects of the game.

Starbreeze StudiosBrothers-A Tale of Two Sons isn’t a difficult game, but it is hard; meaning you might not have a hard time solving the puzzles, but the extra element of controlling a second character can make achieving the solution require a little more brain power. One of the more amusing puzzles in the game requires you to help the older brother get to the end of a zipline type of transport by the using the little brother to operate devices in a different area. Knowing what to do came very easily, but executing it was a different story. I had to watch and wait for the older brother to get to a certain area, then have the little brother perform a task using both the trigger and analog stick while watching the older brother wait for the little brother who guided the older brother to a spot where the little brother would guide him to the area that the older brother and the little brother were able to meet up again. Confusing right? Yes, and totally fun.

Starbreeze StudiosI think I read in one review how the game wasn’t “hard” enough and the puzzles were super simple. Well, this isn’t Toki Tori 2+. I think that Brothers is meant to be enjoyed as a unique game with the double character manipulation as well as being visually and emotionally appealing. Did any of the puzzles stump me? No, not really. Did I fail at some of said puzzles? Yes, quite a lot actually. Why? Because my expert hand and eye coordination weren’t used to having to coordinate like they were.

On a total side note, there also read a review about how the game was sexist because you had to rescue some chicks and they mentioned Anita Sarkeesian or some…shit….Yeah. Dear that person, please remove the sand from your vagina and go fuck yourself with it. Seriously people. Can’t we just play video games any more?

Brothers-A Tale of Two Sons is a beautiful game. One of the more looked over aspects of the game is the park benches placed in areas that offered a nice view of the country side. If you sit in these benches, the camera angle changes and you can see the lush scenery. Personally, I’m not really into that, but I figured I would mention it just in case somebody out there was.

Brothers is also an emotional game and this is established even from the opening sequence. Everything that happens in the game makes you subconsciously want the boys to succeed in their quest. I won’t completely spoil it for you, but the giants are fucking adorable. It makes me want to go on a mountain quest to find a pair of my very own.

This isn’t a terribly long game. Most of the reviews reported no more than 4 hours, but there’s so much going on that I think it’s worth the money. There’s not much replayability that I see, but going through the game once is rewarding enough.

Do I recommend Brothers-A Tale of Two Sons? Absolutely. It’s an amazing game. Plus, with all the different platforms, there’s really  no excuse to check it out.


What game will I play tomorrow? Here’s a hint, I’m already behind in schedule and I played it months ago.

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