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July 3, 2014

Grab a Free Steam Key From

PC Gamer has teamed up with Bundle Stars to give away 5 million Steam Keys over the course of 5 weeks. This week’s free game is Dino D-Day by 800 North and Digital Ranch. If you aren’t one of the 1 million people who received their free Steam Key, Dino D-Day will also be on sale for $2.49 for the rest of the week.

Dino D-Day is pretty much just as it sounds. D-Day with dinosaurs. I have yet to play it, but I have snagged my free key. I’m pretty excited to try it out for no other reason than the thought of Nazi’s controlling dinosaurs during WWII makes me giggle on the inside. According to the press, Hitler resurrected the dinosaurs who are coming after the Allies. All that science, yet nobody told him that his mustache sucked. All mustaches suck, the end.

There will 3 more games given away in the following weeks. All you have to do is visit, click on the banner (it shouldn’t be hard to miss)and scroll down the page. You should see a box with instructions telling you to “Like” Bundle Stars on Facebook and submit your email address. Once you’ve done both of those things, your key will pop up and you can redeem it immediately. Easy peasy. I think you might also be able to follow Bundle Stars on Twitter if you don’t have Facebook-aka you aren’t real life, bye Felicia.

Dino D-Day got generally negative reviews scoring only 53/100 on Metacritic, but there was a huge update that pushed through right after the Steam Summer Sale. There’s also talk to making Dino into an animated series which I’m not sure how I feel about. Personally, I think you could probably fit the entire concept into a Family Guy episode and call it a day.

Check back next week to find out what PC Gamer and Bundle Stars will be giving away next!

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