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July 3, 2014

July Feature: Element4l

Today we are playing Element4l by i-illusions. Element4l is described by the developer as an immersive and experimental platform game. I describe it as a hot mess.

Element4l is meant to be a hard game. I take that back. I believe the phrase was “you are going to struggle”. I don’t want to struggle in a video game. People in third world countries struggle. Single mothers with a baby dying of cancer struggle. My video game should not be a struggle.

Element4lI usually like the simpler games that have less flair and spend more time allowing you to play the game. Element4l embodies that, but it doesn’t execute in a way that I found fun.

Using only 4 keys-Up, Down, Left, and Right-you guide a little guy through a platforming adventure by changing his elements. It’s really simple, but so sensitive that it makes the game tedious. If you don’t switch elements at the exact right time, you’ll probably fail.

You have unlimited lives and you’ll use them all. The game is set up so that it’s prepared for you to fail over and over.  I think that if you’re going to have the balls to make a stupid hard game, you should stand by your decision to do so. In Element4l, random hints will pop up and you have the option to watch a ghost of a successful run show you what you need to do.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a game that is a challenge and requires you to use your brain. This doesn’t mean that I like a game that’s overly difficult for no reason and I feel like that’s what Element4l comes down to. I never felt any sense of accomplishment from finishing a difficult part of the game. Instead, I felt relieved and reluctant to move on.

Needless to say, I won’t be finishing this game. If you want to give Element4l a try, you can find it on Steam for $9.99.


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