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July 6, 2014

July Feature-Papers, Please

Lukas Pope

My July 4th game is Papers, Please. Ironic right? I also wanted to add that I’m not technically late, but I was having internet problems yesterday due to a move. For like, the second time in a month. Seriously, I’m done moving.

Ok, SO! Papers, Please is a point and click simulation game. You simulate stamping somebody’s passport. How trippy is that? On a serious note, am I the only one that thought Arstotzka reminded them of Russia? Be honest.

Lukas PopeI haven’t figured out yet if I think that Papers, Please is fun. I do know that I’m pretty obsessed with it. I’m not sure if I actually enjoy the time playing the game. Let’s be realistic, simulating a mundane job like border patrol is like simulating doing your taxes. What is it about this game that makes it so hard to put down?

Perhaps it’s that you’re essentially sealing the fate of everybody that walks through your border check. It’s not for real, for real, but it’s real enough. Real enough that I felt a huge wave of disappointment with myself when I got a citation for letting somebody into the country illegally. What if the same thing happened in real life where you immediately know if the border patrol got the answer right or not? Wouldn’t that be neat?

For those who have not played the game yet, let me explain. The basic premise of the game is to sit at a desk and go over every one’s paperwork to make sure they are legal to cross the border. Seriously, that’s it. The game gets a bit harder as the levels wear on by requiring you to check a wanted list, let in criminals, check regions, and other trivial things that I’m pretty sure our own border patrol doesn’t go through the effort of doing.

Lukas PopeThat’s pretty much the entire game. There are a few little things that don’t really make a difference. You have a family you have to feed. Sometimes people in your family die. As far as I know, that doesn’t really matter. There are also terrorist attacks and other random occurrences. If you’re looking for something heartwarming, I doubt you’ll find it here.

The only issue I really have with this game is the measurements. I would get citations for an invalid height, but I don’t speak in centimeters. That caused confusion a couple of times and a few pink slips that made me want to punch foreign people.

Paper, Please is currently only available on Steam for $9.99. Created by Lukas Pope, Papers, Please was received positively by both the public and critics.

Back to the original question: Do I like it? Oddly enough, yes. I really like this game. I would sit there for hours just staring at fake document for a fake border control in a fake country for reasons I can’t even comprehend. Papers, Please is the heroin equivalent to the video game world.


What other games am I playing in the month of July? 

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