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July 6, 2014

July Feature-Sanctum 2

Coffee Stain Studios

Sanctum 2 is next on the list! Sanctum 2….Sanctum 2….what is it about this game….? Oh yeah. Made by the same people who developed Goat Simulator. Perfect.

I don’t know if I was more starry-eyed when this game came out or if now I’m really biased towards anything Coffee Stain Studios makes, but I kind of hated Sanctum 2 more than I remembered originally hating it. If I recall correctly, I actually really liked this game when it first came out and that’s why I jumped at the opportunity to grab it up on the Steam Summer Sale.

Coffee Stain StudiosI normally love tower defense games. It’s really hard to fuck one up. You can make a really boring tower defense game, but the concept is super simple. Not in Sanctum 2.  Sanctum 2 has allowed me to look at a simple tower defense game and be like….”what the hell am I supposed to do now?”

I think the biggest problem with Sanctum 2 is there is no option to have a bird’s-eye vantage point. This makes placing the towers kind of hard. That’s tower defense 101 – you have to see the whole map to know exactly where to place the towers. There’s a crap mini map in the top corner, but that doesn’t do anything but take up space and confuse the people who don’t want to have time for this game.

Maybe I wouldn’t dislike Sanctum 2 if it had a little more going for it, but it’s just so damn boring. Put up some towers, put up on barricades, let the beasts loose, shoot them in the face. Perhaps when I get a little further into the game, I might like the different options, but it’s such a frustrating start that I don’t want to go any further. Tower defense games are supposed to be slow to start, not frustrating.

Coffee Stain StudiosI have no friends so I never got the chance to play multi-player. I assume that the monsters are harder to kill and in higher number when there are more than one person playing. I only assume that because that’s how it is in any other game and if they did something different, then they’re stupid. I can’t imagine the game play would be any different, but I have this weird image in my head about 2 people fighting over where the towers should go. I might play the game just so I can see if that ever happens.

The game concept kind of goes over my head as well. Tower defense fits pretty well with FPS since you’re just adding extra guns to the mix, but FPS doesn’t go very well with tower defense. I mean, think about it. Tower defense games require a little brain power to figure out the most efficient placement. In Sanctum 2, you can replace that brain power with fire power. In my mind, that totally defeats the purpose of a tower defense game. But, hey. It’s a sequel so somebody liked it. The motto should be: If you’re too retarded to win a real tower defense game, then you should play Sanctum 2.

I don’t think that Sanctum 2 is a bad game. I just don’t think it’s a very good game. Nothing felt fluid and natural. Everything in the game felt forced from the game play to the story. I think there are certain aspects of it that don’t appeal to me but might appeal to other people and I can respect that.

Sanctum 2 is available on Steam for PC, Xbox, and PS3.


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