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July 23, 2014

July Feature-Storm

Eko Software

I feel like I’ve fried my brain too much to enjoy puzzle games, but I’ve decided to try one out anyway.

Today, I am playing Storm by Eko Software. I actually played Storm back when it came out on Steam in 2013, but couldn’t exactly figure out what to do. I decided to start it up again and see if a fresh perspective changed anything.

Eko SoftwareIt still took me about 20 minutes to figure out . I feel like an arrow pointing in the right direction or a memo would keep the frustration down. I mean, I can’t be the only person who dropped this game because they weren’t sure what to do. Right?

The purpose of the game is to use elements of nature to guide a seed from the tree to a fertile patch of soil so it can reproduce. At first, you start with just one instance of wind, but that grows into multiple uses and new elements. As far as being a puzzle platformer, the puzzles are very well put together and designed. As far as being a game for me to enjoy, not so much.

The game itself is serene and beautiful. The art isn’t over-done and the ambiance fits well with the game. The soundtrack was something that I could listen to while unwinding after a long day and I found everything except for the game play to flow smoothly.

I am a PC gamer, but I enjoy using the controller as opposed to the mouse and keyboard. When I find a PC game that allows you to use a controller, I get really excited. I’m actually more inclined to buy a game if you can use a controller. It also makes me super upset when the game sucks while using a controller. The controls were too sensitive and I felt like I had to restart a section because of the controller, not because I just didn’t know how to solve the puzzle.

It’s hard for me to describe my feelings about this game. I think that it’s a unique and clever concept. You get to play mother nature. And I’m obsessively in love with puzzle games. But I just didn’t love this one. I don’t know if it was my frustration at the controls or that everything had to be annoyingly precise for the puzzle to be completed. I’d still say to give it a try. It’s not that expensive, so if you have an extra 10 bucks to throw around, you should consider getting it. 


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