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July 22, 2014

2014 Game Developer Salary Survey by Gamasutra

Ever wonder ‘What do  game developers make?’

I don’t usually just copy and paste press releases because that’s not what they’re for. There’s really no way for me to modify this one so apologies in advance.

Gamasutra gathered over 4,000 results in their annual developer salary survey and released the results for you to see. Additionally, you can find the PDF version (complete with pretty graphs) here.

Key findings from the survey:

– Average annual pay among U.S.-based salaried game developers in 2013 was $83,060 (down 2%)

– Worldwide, solo indies made an average of $11,812 (down 49%)

– Worldwide, members of an indie team averaged $50,833 (up 161%)

– Per discipline, average U.S. salaries were:

Programmers: $93,251
Artists and animators: $74,349
Game designers: $73,864
Producers: $82,286
Audio professionals: $95,682
Quality Assurance: $54,833
Business and management: $101,572

– Canadian developers averaged USD $71,445 (up 9%)
– European developers averaged USD $46,232 (flat)

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