August Feature-ZOMBIES!

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It’s my Birthmus Month! Since we all know I’m kind of obsessed with the zombie apocalypse, I will be celebrating by playing only zombie games for the month of August.

I learned from my July Feature, that a game a day probably isn’t reasonable considering the fact that I’m behind a bar 70 hours a week. SO! It won’t be 31 zombies games. It might not even be 20 zombie games. I’m not exactly sure how many games it’ll be. But they will be full of zombies and I will play them.

I know I push indie games, but I’ll be throwing a couple of Triple A games in the mix as well. I feel like the zombie subset is the one genre that Triple A developers don’t consistently fuck up.

So if you’re looking for a list of zombie games to play, or actually care about what I do on a daily basis, my list of games will be below.

Left 4 Dead
Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

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