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August 17, 2014

[PODCAST] Walt Williams: Writing for a AAA videogame

We stepped out of hiatus for a unique episode this week. Today I am joined by the world famous Matt Shotcha and special guest, 2K Senior Writer, Walt Williams. Walt was great enough to stick around for a couple hours. So this will be part one of our chat.

We run through more than a few topics in this hour. From the art of gaming, to writing for a character who is not a white male, and even the state of violence in AAA games. Why is creating the act of violence so easy? As the gamer, is that our only option when confronting conflict? Walt gives some amazing insight on what it means to be creative in gaming. And as a senior writer, what exactly is his involvement in the upcoming titles Evolve and Civilization: Beyond Earth.


Listen and learn from one of the most passionate writers in the industry. We truly had a fun time recording with Walt, we hope you have a fun time listening.

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