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April 9, 2015

Nine Dots Launches Kickstarter for Open World RPG ‘Outward’

Nine Dots

Nine Dots Studio, based out of Quebec, has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for their third title ‘Outward’. Described as an open world survival adventure, Outward aims to be a game that focuses on the life of an adventurer – not a legendary hero.

Outward started with a simple question:

“What would it really be like to live the life of an adventurer?” 

Nine Dots takes that question and seamlessly integrates it into a new type of game where consequences make a difference in a world that can function without the player.

Inspired by popular RPG’s, Outward aims to break the walls of traditional storylines by neutralizing the need for waypoints and tedious tasks to finish quests. The player will have the opportunity to feel like they’re the adventurer because the game won’t wait for the player to progress. Instead of feeling like the world revolves around your actions, the player will instead feel like they are a part of the world.

Outward is based in Aurai where the climates vary as much as the terrains. The land is recovering from years of instability and four factions have emerged from the chaos with different ideals on how to govern their people. The player is thrown in the middle of that political turmoil and their actions determine which faction’s unique storyline they will be able to experience.

A more interesting aspect of Outward is their Legacy System. The Legacy System gives the player the ability to retire their character after it has reached a certain point and pass on skills and items to the next generation – or next play through of the game.  There are two parts of the Legacy System – one being Legacy Skills and the other Legacy Chests. Legacy Skills allow the player to choose a single skill to pass on to their next play through character. Legacy Chests allow the player to place one item inside making it available for the next character’s play through to retrieve it. With four unique faction storylines and estimating around 10-20 hours for each playthrough, Outward is shaping up to be a game that one can sink some well deserved time into.

One of the best parts of Outward is that it will have the ability to be co-op. Matchmaking doesn’t look like an option, but split screen and online play are promised, if funded. The unique part about the co-op game play is that both players don’t need to be doing the same thing at the same time. One player can be protecting their camp while the other player continues their storyline or hunts for food.

From dynamic death sequences to the use of real-world common sense to figure out how to survive, Outward offers an immersive gaming experience that promises hours of unparalleled adventuring. With a pledge goal of $150,000 CAD, the tiers range from $20 CAD ($15.88 USD) -which includes the game when released and behind the scenes updates –  to $8000 CAD ($6350.24 USD) where you can design your own dungeon. Many of the reward tiers include unique in-game designs so for a bit of money, you can make your mark in this virtual world.

We first talked to Nine Dots during development of their second title ‘GoD Factory‘. Impressed by their ability to mix MOBA and Space Combat, excitement ensued when one of our favorite dev teams announced their newest project. Outward is being promised on PC and console so everybody can benefit from supporting this game. With the campaign ending on May 10, don’t waste any time heading over to their Kickstarter page to help make this unique RPG a reality.

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