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April 23, 2015

Crowdfunding Spotlight-Winterflame, Herald, Epic Everything


Winterflame: The Other Side | Artoncode

If you like beautiful puzzle games and platformers, this one is for you (even if you don’t you should probably check it out anyway)

Based out of Jakarta, Indonesia, this ambitious project has already won awards and caught the attention of over 100 backers. I would have liked to see more game play in the video, but the narrator is just so gosh darn cute that I feel pretty confident in their project.

Their goal of 68,000 CAD will cover a variety of magical things including 5 chapters in 5 different areas and a live orchestra to bring the game to life.


Herald | Wispfire

I am normally not a fan of point and click games, but I do like choice driven games and this one seems to have a good story to back it.

Wispfire, based out of the Netherlands, has created a colonization adventure centered around Devan Rensburg – a steward tasked with the well-being of everyone on the merchant ship HLV Herald. Part point and click, part visual novel, Herald takes you down a path of morality and conflict resolution.

With over 100 backers and a fourth of the way towards funding, this one looks pretty promising.

Still skeptical? There’s also a demo on the Kickstarter page.

Steam Greenlight

Epic Everything | Unboard Games

How can you go wrong when the word ‘Epic’ is in the title?

I found out at PAX East 2015 that I am actually good at card games. I also found out that I hate all the other stuff that comes with deck games. Like score keeping…and other non digital stuff.

Epic Everything is a CCG with fast paced strategy and graphics come to life. That probably doesn’t make any sense, but watch the video. It made me more excited about the game than the kid narrating it.

With over 200 backers and well over half of their $50,000 pledge, Epic Everything has a little over 3 weeks to meet their goal.


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