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May 5, 2015

Greenlight Spotlight-Brighter Day, Bear Simulator, Tanzia

The Lonliest Pixel

Brighter Day

by The Loneliest Pixel
Ducking and dodging giant eyeballs is like…my worst nightmare.

This one is labeled as the “most brightly-colored horror game you’ve ever played”. While I’m not sure I would say it’s in the horror genre for that reason, it does get your blood pressure up with every second you dodge the giant eyeballs.

There’s a demo on the Greenlight page if you want to check it out. I’m normally not a huge fan of anything that requires me to use a mouse a keyboard for this type of movement, but I gladly risked motion sickness to play through it a little bit. It’s an interesting little concept. Not as aesthetically pleasing as it could be, but the game itself is unique and fun to play. I’d probably like it exponentially more if controller support were involved (hint hint), but if you’re the type that doesn’t require a hefty dose of Dramamine before you play PC games, you’ll probably dig this.

Greenlight Page
The Lonliest Pixel Website

Bear Simulator

I love bears. I love sims. I love bear simulator.

Funded by Kickstarter at an overwhelming 300% pledged, this is a game where you play as a bear. Who wouldn’t want to be a bear? I am a bear. It’s awesome.

This was another one that looks like I would need controller support but the lovely backers over at Kickstarter funded the $50 grand stretch goal to make my dream a reality. It will also have Lost references. And I think he adopted a Polar Bear. I want this kid in my life.

Greenlight Page
Bear Simulator Website


I’m a sucker for big eyes and magic.

A old style RPG with modern graphics. I think you get fireballs too – which is kind of beastly. You play a Shaman who must save your ancient home from being destroyed by an evil something or other. The world is bright and colorful and is probably the closest I’ll get to a beach any time soon so I’m way into it.

Greenlight Page
Tanzia Website

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