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May 28, 2015

Crowdfunding Spotlight-Perception, Light Fall, Through the Woods

Deep End Games


This time around, my Kickstarter Spotlight is super horror based. Which is weird because I can’t do horror games and I probably won’t play them. Doesn’t mean they don’t look like great games and I won’t promote them, but seriously, these are a little terrifying.


by Deep End Games
Triggering your senses is what makes anything good in the horror genre. Absence of those senses makes the horror even better. In Perception, you play as a blind girl who, for whatever ridiculous reason, decides to explore a haunted house. Your sight is only triggered by sounds and even the trailer video made me hide behind my hands a little.

The dialogue is pretty funny too. I’m way into anything that makes me chuckle.

This is a larger team than I would normally promote for, filled with people who worked with Bioshock and Dead Space. Everything seems to come together into something worth backing, so good luck for them.

With a goal of $150,000, over $55,000 pledged and still almost a month left to make it, I’m sure we will be seeing this successfully funded.
Kickstarter Page
Deep End Games Website

Light Fall

By Bishop Games
On a lighter note (see what I did there?) Light Fall is an imaginative 2D platformer that gives a twist to the timeless genre by incorporating a ‘Shadow Core’ to help you progress through the game.

I’m always excited to see how people twist the platformer genre. Little things always make these types of games still enjoyable and forever popular. There’s an owl in the game too. He talks to you. I think that’s pretty neat.

This one was shown at PAX South and PAX East so they’ve had plenty of exposure and their funding shows. $20,000 CAD is their goal and a little over $16,000 CAD has been pledged. They only have about a week left in the campaign, so you should head over there…like now.
Light Fall Kickstarter
Bishop Games Website

Through the Woods

By Antagonist

Lastly on my Spotlight list is Through the Woods – a third person psychological horror experience about a mom trying to find her son. In the woods. At night. This might be why I don’t have children, but if my kid was lost, I’d probably just wait for the sun to come up or something. Seems safer.

I really dig these guys’ beards. Those things are epic. And part of the reason why I want them funded.

By the Norwegian indie studio, Antagonist, Through the Woods tells the story of a mother as she retells the story of finding her son. Basically, this lady is telling the story of what you’re currently doing. It’s a story within a story. Mind. Blown.

Speaking of story, this one is based off of mythology and Norwegian folklore. Antagonist wanted to recreate the old time slow-paced, tension-based games that don’t seem to pop up very much anymore.

Anyway, like I said, I won’t be playing it but it looks like the people who don’t crap their pants at the first sign of horror will get a well made and interesting game for their enjoyment. There are a little over 2 weeks left and these guys are a little less than half of their $40,000 goal so let’s help them out, shall we?
Through the Woods Kickstarter Page
Antagonist Website

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