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February 16, 2017

The Media Fights PewDiePie, PewDiePie Fights Back

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I remember the first time I ever watched a PewDiePie video. Some annoying shit where he was yelling over a horror game that he had been tasked to play. I literally thought he was the worst thing in the world.

My opinion has not changed since then. What I can credit him with is paving the way for YouTube personalities especially those that work with video games. Being the #1 subscriber on YouTube just because he sits on camera screaming at video games is kind of a big deal to people like me. Gives ya hope, ya know?

I still fucking hate him.

At the beginning of the week, YouTube and Disney fired PewDiePie over an “Anti-Semitic” video on his YouTube Channel.  PewDiePie was exploiting the app Fiverr to see what people would do for $5. In the video that had caused the issues, two Indian kids held up a sign saying “Death To All Jews”. Referencing earlier works that PewDiePie had done, YouTube and Disney reported that this was not the first time he had pulled a “hate crime” like this and dropped his Premium Channel deal and the second season of his series.

In a day in age when seeing someone’s butthole for no reason is not uncommon, I have to ask exactly what the big deal is. PDP can’t say one sentence without dropping the F-Bomb, has a wide range of vulgar vocabulary in both English and Swedish, and basically lives for that shock factor. I’m not saying that wasn’t a fucked up thing to do, but that’s who he is and shit like that is what was making these companies money in the first place.

If YouTube really wants to clean up their community, try banning the people who constantly troll my videos and tell me I should be dead. Find the little fucks that have constantly harassed me – publically and in broad sight of others – telling me they’ll find me and rape me in the ass. If YouTube wants to “make a statement” then start with the ones that are ACTUALLY being hateful while using their service. Don’t punish someone who is doing what made him famous in the first place.

Then you have Disney – who instead of finding talent on their own – try to take the successful people on YouTube for their own benefit. It’s like being a prerequisite for being a star is to have made it on YouTube. Beyond the fact that Walt Disney was an outspoken Anti-Semite himself. It doesn’t make it better, but it does make it very ironic.

Some can argue that because he is such a known figure even beyond YouTube making an appearance playing himself in a South Park episode, that he should be held more accountable than the rest of us. Personally, I don’t think so. Yeah the man does outrageous things, but that’s why the people love him in the first place.

Disney. YouTube. Do the right thing. Was there a warning? Was there any type of expression that some sort of censorship was needed on his behalf? Everyone is questions PDP, but nobody is questions the real attackers in this scenario.

Since the incident, PewDiePie has issue a response to the media and acknowledged the fact that the joke went above and beyond. You can watch it here.


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