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March 7, 2017

VR Horror Game ‘Organ Quarter’ Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

When I originally started this post yesterday, Organ Quarter had about $1,000 and 3 days left to fund their Kickstarter. Since then, they’ve been successfully funded and we all can look forward to this classic horror game brought to you in the world of VR.
Watch the trailer here:

I can’t get past how the one monster looks like a gaping vagina. Am I wrong?

Organ Quarter is classified as a classic VR horror survival game using strict resource management and handtracking to make an adventure as intimate and terrifying as possible. Organ Quarter features puzzles, intimate settings, and great level designs to push gamers past their point of comfort and force them to interact with the monsters up-close and personal.

There’s also a pre-alpha demo (we all know what that means…so at your own risk). *Requires a VR Headset to play

Admittedly, the genre best enhanced by VR is going to be horror. There’s only so many jumpscares and tactics that you can put on a TV before things are less scary and more cliché. At least for most people. I get scared just anticipating being scared. Putting yourself in the middle of a horror story is something that I feel like won’t be getting old soon.

Outer Brain Studios, the developers of Organ Quarter, have promised a non-VR version of the game after the original is released, so you can still enjoy it even if you don’t have the funds to drop on a VR.

Currently, there is one stretch goal for Organ Quarter that hasn’t yet met funding goals. This seems to be a survival based objective that will compare your results on a leaderboard and allows you to pit your skills against your friends.

As of right now, you can still get their Early Bird Special for $15 granting you a digital PC copy of Organ Quarter along with your own secret message scratched somewhere in the game (kind of genius right) and a special thanks in the credits. If that tier runs out, it’s only $20 for the normal priced PC version.

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