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March 8, 2017

RumbleMonkey – Play Games for Real Money

I feel like that is an unrealistically optimistic promo video on how much money you might make with RumbleMonkey. Like…not questioning it, but I feel like it’s like those “get paid to search the web” kind of deals where you have to give up your social life, your relationships, and the virginity of your hypothetical first-born to make the money they promise.


RumbleMonkey is an upcoming platform catering towards multiplayer game play and being able to make money while playing games from the online casino. Their closed beta phase begins March 27th and Hearthstone is currently the only game they’re offering with promises to add more in the future. You can sign up here, if you wanna get in on it.

The closed beta is only offered to PC and Mac Hearthstone players, the majority of which will be in the US. RumbleMonkey is hoping to bring eSports to non-professional players allowing all of us to reap the glory. Think of this as the D-League of competitive gaming.

For each game, entry fees are collected at the beginning of each match to ensure the winner receives the payout for winning. RumbleMonkey boasts of software that can detect whether or not disconnections are due to rage quitting or server issues and plan on dealing with each accordingly.

There is currently a waiting list to be accepted into the closed beta. You can add yourself to the list on the RumbleMonkey site.

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