VR Sports Released on Steam

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Well. Considering this is a game that’s best played with friends in a room with lots of space, I probably don’t qualify. But you guys can feel free to enjoy.

I feel like this is just the beginning of a barrage of repetitive and obscure psuedo-active games that will flood the VR universe. Sure it’s a workout, but if tasked with the decision to either sit on my ass eating graham crackers with no shirt on or exert energy into pretending to bowl, I’ll pick the shirtless graham cracker eating.

This isn’t to completely shit on VR Sports games. But VR is supposed to be the future of gaming. Stop half-assing it.

And now to our feature presentation!

VR Sports has been released on Steam.

Choose from a variety of sports

  • Bowling:Select from bowling balls that vary in weight, color and control; Bumper option for bowling beginners
  • Homerun Derby:Great stress reliever and work out!  Knock it out of the park and into the stars!
  • Soccer:Defend your goal from multiple opponents.  Beware of the gold ball…
  • Basketball:Using a classic 3-point contest format, rack up your score in the given time limit.  Hit the money ball shot for extra points of course!
  • Japanese Archery:Kyudo.  An ancient Japanese tradition.  Hold your breath for maximum accuracy and aim for the bulls-eye.
  • Clay Shooting:The classic Olympic sport now in VR!  Test your shot as you aim for the flying clay pigeons.  Easy to play but requires skill to master!
  • Boxing:Defeat 3 different opponents by dodging, throwing body shots, and landing blows to the face!  Shake the controllers to get up if you fall 😉


  • For all ages and skill levels
  • Like Wii Sports before it, gamers and families alike can get in on the fun.
  • Each sport requires a different set of skills and utilizes completely different controls.
  • Compete with friends or players all over the world to achieve the highest score
  • Realistic experience in each sport to please the enthusiast

Some events require a full-body experience.  A great workout!

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This game is currently only supported with HTC Vive.

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