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February 16, 2018

Connect with Nature in Fe – Released Worldwide

zoink EA origins

Fe. Feeeeee!!

Originally I thought to be only available on EA’s Origins, this little gem was released on PC Xbox One, PS4, and Switch today.

What is Fe?

Not sure. Beautiful, cute, mysterious. Basically everything I put on a job resume. This little guy makes his way through a forest full of dangers armed with nothing but his voice to guide the way and connect with the forest.

“In Fe, sounds connect every living thing in the diverse ecosystem,” said Klaus Lyngeled, CEO and Creative Lead at Zoink Games. “The forest holds a multitude of secrets to be uncovered by connecting with the flora and fauna.  As a wordless experience, the entire story is up for the players’ own interpretation as they move through the forest at their own pace. Fe is a beautiful, connected world that players will never want to leave.”

Do your part in saving the ecosystem. Play Fe.

Fe is rated PEGI 7 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Origin for PC, and Nintendo Switch. To find out more on Fe, please visit the blog at EA. Visit EA Originals for information and to keep up-to-date on EA Originals

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